Calango has been a student of Mestre Borracha for Sixteen Years. He has studied Capoeira in Australia, Germany and Brazil, and was awarded his Instructor Certificate in 2013 by Grande Mestre Boa Gente. In 2019 He was awarded his Professor Formando certificate (Teachers Belt) in Germany by Mestre Borracha.

Professor Formando Calango


Born from Acre,Brasil Mestre Borracha is the master of our capoeira Aruanda school.  From a young age he has dedicated his life to Capoeira.

 In 2015 Borracha was awarded his Master's belt by Mestre Boa Gente.  Today Mestre Borracha leads an organisation that stretches across Australia, Germany, and Brazil. https://www.aruanda.com.au/

Mestre Borracha